The Woodsman

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Woodsman is designed to provide a three-tiered approach to skin protection - without losing one iota of masculinity.

The essential oils blended into our formula are woodsy, wintery and, from what we have learned from our customers, very attractive to women.

Woodsman is free from colorants, preservatives or artificial chemicals.

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Fortitude, Strength and Endurance

Suitable for harsh environmental conditions. Fir Tree essential oils have been added to a base of Beeswax, Baobab, Grassroot, Shea butter.

Who uses Woodsman: Men who work hard - outdoors. The kind of men who build nations, feed their families and are custodians of their environment - all for very little glory. The kind of men whose clothes have the lingering smell of forest and earth that remains long after the workday is done.

Cross country skiers and mushers are well served by choosing Woodsman as their skin protection. Bambi is unfazed by the earthy, forest floor aroma of Woodsman. Hunters/ wildlife photographers can wear it during the cold hunting nights without alarming wildlife.

Woodsman is absorbed in three stages, leaving the final, nourishing and protecting layer of Beeswax to keep you going.



Adansonia  -'Tree of Life'

We selected the oil from this tree as an essential part of our Woodsman formula primarily because of the immense strength and masculinity found in every part of the Adansonia.

This giant species of tree has been known to live upwards of 5000 years, can reach heights of 450 feet and a diameter of 150 feet. Almost every part is nutritious and healing.

The oil is extracted from the baobab tree has numerous regenerative and protectant properties. We selected the supplier of our oil from a Fair Partnership resource who ensures ecologically sound harvesting and processing. 

No humans were harmed in the extraction and trade of this oil.

This is layer One in Woodsman - easily absorbed and quickly goes to work to repair your skin.

Shea Tree- Vitellaria paradoxa

As minimally processed as possible. Unfiltered, scraped out of the Shea nut and shipped off to us here in beautiful Tennessee.

The less mucking about with a product, the better - in our opinion.

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years for treatment of the skin and many claim that it has healed stubborn skin issues. 

This is layer Two in Woodsman - absorbed into your manly skin at a more gradual pace than the Adansonia oil. 

Bees Wax

As natural as we can get. Sourced from the Midwest. Golden, amber color.
Naturally anti-microbial.

Obviously, if you are allergic to bees, then this is probably not for you. Just to be on the safe side. We hope your immune system strengthens soon and you, too, can experience the wonders of nature captured in each Woodsman ManSalve tin.

Beeswax is layer Three in Woodsman - forming the final protection remaining on your skin as a supple sheath and active defense against nasty cold and dryness..


'man, this stuff is really good! those cuts on my fingers have stopped burning and my hands have felt good and strong all day'

Murfreesboro, TN

I had this spot on my ear. I have been rubbing Woodsman on it whenever I remember and it has almost completely gone.

Richard W,
Nashville TN
December 2013

13 yards of mulch and two days of landscaping using Woodsman Hand Salve. Hands are in perfect condition.

Brant, Landscape Gardener
May 2015