Our Story

How Jack Ranger. Co came to be started with a simple mission: To create a product to help heal the hands, heels and hard-to-treat cracked skin of hardworking men.  Something of the highest quality. (one of these fine days, I will share with you the heart story of my Dad - the true source of inspiration for Jack Ranger Co)

We started with the folks we knew best, farmers and landscapers. After a few months of ironing out the ingredients and many trials, we developed a salve tough enough to kick the cold off the most weather-beaten skin, heal the deep cracks that other products wouldn’t/ couldn't (Yes, we have testimonials) and combined it with the most brisk, masculine and enduring smells of the purest essential oils we could find.

We do not use alcohol, perfumes, chemicals or dyes. The ingredients are simple: Chemical-free beeswax, African Shea, Adansonia, and the absolute purest therapeutic-grade essential oils. The result was our flagship product, aptly named, “Woodsman”.

“Woodsman” contains oil of fir tree which is derived from the most durable trees in the coldest, inhospitable climates of Siberia. "Woodsman" is meant to give the wearer endurance in the cold as well as remind them of the strength of the trees from which this oil is derived. Our customers like the manliness of the fragrance as it is not cloying nor too “Christmassy” to the nose. We knew we had the right formula but we had more than one kind of man to appeal to. 

So, we created our second line called, “Aviator”

“Aviator” is made with a higher end oil which includes grassland root oils, citrus and other special stuff in order to produce “The Sully Effect” (remember the airline pilot who safely landed a passenger plane on the Hudson River?). The formula in "Aviator" induces calm and focus in the middle of chaos. Grassland root oil is found throughout masculine fragrance lines and is one of the most expensive oils we use for our product. Women are very attracted to it as many of our male customers have said, “She can’t keep her hands off of me when I wear this’. With that in mind, we took it a step further with our third line called, “Mariner”.

“Mariner” contains therapeutic-grade essential oils of: bay, ginger and grassland root which creates the sense of travel and adventure on the briny seas. This blend is  alluring and appeals to both men and women as it unfolds with wear. It is an intriguing salve because it does take time to unravel and changes with skin chemistry. It’s complexity puts the wind in your sails and adventure in your blood.

Every batch is hand made and all of our products do two things: heal the skin and inspire the spirit. That is our sole mission and purpose in making every single tin of salve. We hope you find out how good it is for yourself.

Thank you for supporting our mission.

Sincerely, Jack Ranger