There are, in our opinion, generally three kinds of manly men in the world: WOODSMEN, MARINERS AND AVIATORS. Our salves are manufactured with exactly the characteristics of those men in mind.


The Woodsman

For men in need of a masculine, non-greasy and effective hand salve as protection against the harshest elements. Cuts and cracks from cold, dryness and roughness of work will become a thing of the past.

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The Aviator

Rise well before dawn? Stand in a blizzard, doing your duty in bone freezing cold? Do you load, unload, or fearlessly pilot passengers and goods across the sky? We created Aviator for you.

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The Mariner

For courage, exploration and the man 'Who Knows'. An air of wild sophistication. Topped with careful therapeutic botanicals to suit the man with salt in his veins

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